Mobile Solar Kiosks

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For the Joint Master Project at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering will Drop Creatives (, consisting of four students, work on the project together with Juabar (, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Juabar makes mobile solar kiosks that empower people who work in the rural areas of Tanzania to become a entrepreneur in solar energy. The kiosk facilitates the charging of mobile appliances, with which a positive impact on the community is affected.

The main objective of the project is to expose problems and opportunities with respect to solar kiosks in Tanzania, through thorough research on the current situation and trends. The outcome will be converted into a feasible solution, building on Juabar's current kiosk.

For the purpose of achieving the above objective, the Opportunity Detection Kit of ir. A. Mink is used to conduct culture research. This toolkit is designed for Asia and has never before been applied in Africa. This gives us the unique opportunity to make an academic contribution to the further development of the toolkit.

With the research results, we will develop the mobile solar kiosk so that it will faultlessly connect to both the solar entrepreneur and the customer. By validating the use with a build prototype the design will be evaluated and recommendations for the future of solar entrepreneurship in rural Tanzania will be developed.


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