The S4S board consists of TU Delft students who manage the organisation on a part-time basis. Every year students are motivated to commit themselves to the mission of this foundation. The S4S board of 2022/2023 consists of the following persons:


Tadé Whenu - chair

Hey! My name is Tadé and this year I will be the president of the 16th S4S Board. During my recent study years I have been actively searching for a way to contribute to sustainable innovation in terms of the environment, economy but also social sustainability. Together with TU Delft I have been working on a sustainable project in Lombok, Indonesia, with the goal of restoring and protecting coral reefs. Through this project I got familiar with S4S. They helped me with funding, impact assessment and other consultancy for my project. The vision and mission of S4S immediately grabbed my attention: To stimulate students at the TU delft to use knowledge, technology and innovative techniques for a sustainable planet. I think this is a valuable way for me to contribute to a more sustainable future, because I believe the students at the TU Delft can play a big role in the required innovations, especially when this is done with a sustainable, responsible mindset. This year I hope to shift this                                                           mindset of the students towards a sustainable and inclusive standard, in an inspiring manner, whilst                                                       remaining critical of our actions.

                                                 Do you have any ideas, questions or other remarks you would like to share? Feel free to contact me:


Boris Kastelein - secretary

Hi! My name is Boris and I am the secretary of S4S 16. Alongside this I am going to finish my bachelor's degree in Industrial Design & Engineering. As a designer I want to contribute to a future in which sustainability is better integrated into our society. During my internship at an offshore company I developed an aquatic plastic removal system, aimed to be cheaper and more user friendly. Last year I helped organise the first edition of Festable, the festival of S4S that introduces students to sustainability in a fun way. With this event I learned a lot about the ways you can engage students with sustainability. This year I want to apply these skills to more events and improve them. With S4S I expect to learn a lot and to find new inspiration in sustainability!

Got any questions or ideas? Please send me an email to 


Kaatje Bout - treasurer

Hi! My name is Kaatje and this year I am the treasurer of the S4S board. The past years I have studied Life Science & Technology, a course focused on the smallest forms of life as well as on large production processes. I think that this concept of ‘zooming in and out’ is also applicable to sustainability. You can be occupied with a greener world on both a large and a small scale. Especially as a student. This is something that S4S wants to promote: you can make an impact, whether it is in your daily life or through a bigger project. By sharing this mindset, we can move forward together. I think that there are already many sustainable solutions within reach, but it is still a challenge to connect different stakeholders. With S4S I hope that we can inspire people of various ages, backgrounds and disciplines to collaborate on a sustainable future!

                                                 If you have any questions, remarks or ideas feel free to contact me through


Anne van den Homberg - commissioner of projects

Hi, I'm Anne, BSc student Mechanical Engineering and I'm in charge of the projects at S4S this year. Sometimes being involved in sustainability can be overwhelming, so I'm very happy to be able to contribute on a small scale. I look forward to helping students with projects that provide continuity and involve the local community. Besides focusing on this, I also want to keep working on the change we can make here in Delft. I am convinced that change will only come through a change in mindset towards the unsustainable systems we currently live in. So: mindset is key, which is why my goal for this year - both personally and for my position within S4S - is to be reflective, entrepreneurial and inspiring!
You can sign up your project via the website, and don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions, ideas or tips



Charlotte Mussert - commissioner of external affairs

Hi! I am Charlotte, 22 years old, and this year I am responsible for the external relations of S4S. Next to this position, I started this year my master's in Management in the Built Environment. I am extremely motivated to work actively at S4S this year because I believe our generation is facing one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. I think that we, as technical students, are able to come up with solutions that can greatly reduce our impact on the climate. My goal this year is to inspire and motivate students to think about their impact and their future role in business. That is why I would like to make sustainability in business visible to students, to ensure that these students can make a positive impact in business in a few years.

                                                 If you have any questions about S4S or if you're interested in a partnership with S4S you can contact                                                     me on or call +31 6 46 26 24 10. 


Tom Flendrig - commissioner of activities

Hi, I'm Tom and will be in charge of all activities this year. With these events, we will inspire and activate a large group of people around the topic of sustainability. Sustainability is a big topic and there is a lot to think about but there will always be a time to make your thoughts a reality. By taking engineering students on a journey to a circular planet, I show them that now is the time to take action! My dream is that many future generations can live happily and responsibly because of our efforts. I myself am gaining knowledge while studying Industrial Design and Engineering and use it to create solutions for a sustainable future.

If you share our vision and would like to collaborate or for other questions you can always reach me at



Advisory board

The Board of S4S is never on his own. It can always gets help from the advisory board, wich consist out of member of the previous boards. This offers a continuity to all the new S4S boards. The advisory board consists of:

Rogier Doodeman                 Chairman 18/19 

Isabelle van der Kaaij            Head of Activities 18/19 

Britt Reddingius                     Chairman 19/20

Meron Znabei                        Treasurer 19/20 

Puck Wynia                           Head of Projects 19/20

Berend Tideman                    Penningmeester 20/21

Josefien van den Berg          Secretary 20/21

Peter Zilch                             External Affairs 20/21

Sieb Rodenburg                    Head of Projects 20/21

Thomas Rijsman                   Head of Projects 21/22

Maud Pieterse                       Head of Activities 21/22

Berend de Jong                     External Affairs 21/22


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