The S4S board consists of TU Delft students who manage the organisation on a part-time basis. Every year students are motivated to commit themselves to the mission of this foundation. The S4S board of 2023/2024 consists of the following persons:

Jesse Bregman - Chair

Hi there! I'm Jesse, and this year I’m the chairman. Additionally, I successfully completed my studies in Industrial Design this year. During my studies, I gained a problem-solving mindset with sustainability as a key factor, and I'm eager to use this knowledge to inspire and engage fellow students. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to work on a project in Gili Air, Indonesia, through TU Delft, where I researched methods for seagrass restoration. S4S provided financial support for our project, which inspired me to become a part of this board. This year, my goal is to encourage Delft's students to become more conscious of sustainability in their daily lives while simultaneously inspiring them with fresh sustainable perspectives.

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merel van tienen - Secretary

Hi! My name is Merel and I am S4S 17’s secretary. Besides being on the board of S4S I am continuing my bachelor Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft. During this bachelor I hope to learn how to actively contribute to a better world through design. The projects that S4S funds really spoke to me, through them we, as an organization, can inspire people to commit to this as well. I first realized the importance of sustainability when I lived in Vietnam, where I went to an international school and learned a lot about social and environmental problems through different cultural perspectives. This was a low-effort and accessible way to come into contact with sustainability. I find it important that we, as S4S, promote sustainability to students in a similar way, because the first step to a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be big. I hope that S4S can inspire and support many students to make the world a little bit better.

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katrijn van reeuwijk - treasurer

Hey! My name is Katrijn and this year I am the treasurer of the S4S board. During my bachelor Industrial Design Engineering, that I completed last year, I gained a lot of information on the importance of sustainability in any design a designer makes. Not all bachelors deal with sustainability as much as IDE, therefore I am looking forward to contribute to providing knowledge of sustainability to students. With S4S I hope to be able to support many projects this year and to gain inspiration for the future surrounding sustainability!

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eliane van boxtel - commissioner of projects

Hey everyone! I am Eliane and this year I will be handeling the Projects of Students 4 Sustainability. Next to this position I am currently doing my masters degree in Civil Engineering, where I want to follow the track Hydraulic Engineering to specialise in Building with Nature. After finishing my Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering I committed a year to being the Operations Manager of the Eco-Runner Team Delft. My interests in sustainable energy an the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation for a successful energy transition has been fueled much more this year. I would like to continue this passion duting my position of Projects at Students 4 Sustainability. Together with students I want to learn a lot and help realise a sustainable mindset to make coninuity and local investment in projects a priority. I believe that together we can approach a sustainable future and I look forward to encourage the broad conversation that is sustainability!

You can register your project via the website, and don't hesitate to email me if you have questions, ideas ot tips!


falko van tilburg - commissioner of external affairs

Hi! My name is Falko van Tilburg and I will be the Head of External Relations for the 17th S4S board this year. From a young age, I have always had a passion for nature and the climate, triggering my want to improve it and fight climate change. Last year I finished my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, a study focused on sustainability. Despite learning a lot on this subject within the design process, there was a lack of focus on contact with sustainable businesses and other organisations. This year, as head of external relations, I plan to ensure this previously lacking contact with ‘green’ organisations to see how we can work together to help the planet move towards a greener future. In this, I want to involve and engage Delft students in this conversation to make sustainability in the corporate world and potential career opportunities more visible to them.

If you have any questions or are interested in a collaboration with S4S, feel free to contact me on of bel naar +31 6 46 26 24 10. 


sophie ten bosch - Commissioner of activities

My name is Sophie ten Bosch, and am overseeing all activities this coming academic year. The events we as S4S organise aim to inspire a large group of people around the topic of sustainability. My personal goal is to activate sustainable behaviour among our event attendees, demonstrating how you can lead a fulfilling yet sustainable life. The subject of sustainability has never been more important, and with the net-zero 2050 climate law rapidly approaching, everyone must do their part to prevent any further climate damage. By doing this board year, beyond organising our activities, I'm eager to learn about the various initiatives already undertaken by hundreds of people to benefit the planet, including projects supported by S4S. All in all, through my time on the board and finishing my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, I want to discover more ways to make a positive impact and am looking forward to see the differences we, collectively, make.

Do you share our vision and do you want to work together or if you have any other questions you can always reacht me at

Advisory board

The Board of S4S is never on his own. It can always gets help from the advisory board, wich consist out of member of the previous boards. This offers a continuity to all the new S4S boards. The advisory board consists of:

Rogier Doodeman                 Chairman 18/19 

Isabelle van der Kaaij            Head of Activities 18/19 

Britt Reddingius                     Chairman 19/20

Puck Wynia                            Head of Projects 19/20

Berend Tideman                    Treasurer 20/21

Josefien van den Berg           Secretary 20/21

Peter Zilch                              Head of External Affairs 20/21

Sieb Rodenburg                     Head of Projects 20/21

Thomas Rijsman                    Head of Projects 21/22 

Maud Pieterse                        Head of Activities 21/22

Berend de Jong                      Head of External Affairs 21/22

Tadé Wehnu                           Chairman 22/23

Kaatje Bout                             Treasurer 22/23

Anne Homberg                       Head of Projects 22/23

Charlotte Mussert                   Head of External Affairs 22/23

Tom Flendrig                           Head of Activities 22/23


In the document below you can read our policy for the upcoming year

Policy 2023 - 2024

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