The S4S board consists of TU Delft students who manage the organisation on a part-time basis. Every year students are motivated to commit themselves to the mission of this foundation. The S4S board of 2021/2022 consists of the following persons:

Jamil badloe - chair

Hi! My name is Jamil and I will be the chairman of the 15th S4S board this year. By setting up a sustainable project in Zanzibar myself, I came across S4S and their vision. That vision immediately appealed to me: Stimulating Delft students to use technological and innovative techniques for a more sustainable world. I would like to contribute to that vision. In my opinion, the Delft student plays an important role in creating a more sustainable world, in the present, but certainly also in the future. With this year I hope we can reach out to a large part of the Delft students to make an impact in the field of sustainability and to make the planet a bit greener.

Do you have any questions, ideas or other matters? You can send me an e-mail:

LOTTE ZWOLSMAN - secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Lotte and this year I'll be the secretary of S4S 15. Apart from taking notes, e-mailing, writing documents et cetera, I will be completing my bachelor's degree in Architecture this year. Although the bachelor Architecture pays a lot of attention to sustainability and the use of sustainable techniques in the built environment, I can't wait to start putting this into practice now. I think we as Delft students, with our technical knowledge, have an important role in the sustainable world of the future. I'm really looking forward to meeting interesting people next year, learning a lot and inspiring other students that sustainability isn't just important, it's also fun!

If you have any questions or ideas that you'd like to share, don't hesitate to e-mail me at

DONNA HOOFT - treasurer

Hey there! My name is Donna and next to keeping an eye on the finances of S4S I also pay close attention to the climate and the rapidly changing world around us. Last year I organised the annual Symposium of S4S which genuinely rose my interest in the foundation. Therefore it is no suprise that I am absolutely delighted to be part of the S4S board! This year I am treasurer and I will do everything in my power to maintain the financial stability of S4S, while funding loads of inspiring events and projects. In Delft, students have the tendency to be either focused on career or on sustainability, I think these two go hand in hand. That is why this year I am committed to enlighten the students in Delft on their sustainable career opportunities.

For financial questions, e-mail me at

THOMAS RIJSMAN - commissioner of projects

Hey! My name is Thomas and next year I will be responsible for the projects at S4S. I think students can make a big difference in the energy transition, but this starts with small steps. I would like to help them, not only with these first small steps, but also with the larger steps. In this way we can ensure that more and more people are getting involved in this transition, which allows us to set up increasingly bolder and larger-scale projects. In addition, S4S also does a lot in changing the mindset of people, which is very important to me. In this way, we are gradually working towards a sustainable future.

Apply for project funding via this website or e-mail me for questions or ideas at

BEREND DE JONG - commissioner of external affairs

Hi! I am Berend, 22 years old, and this year I am responsible for the external relations of S4S. Next to this position, I am in the third year of my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. I am extremely motivated to work actively at S4S this year because I believe our generation is facing one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. I think that we, as technical students, are able to come up with solutions that can greatly reduce our impact on the climate. My goal this year is to motivate students to think about their impact and their future role in business. That is why I would like to make sustainability in business visible to students, to ensure that these students can make a positive impact in business in a few years.

If you have any questions about S4S or if you're interested in a partnership with S4S you can contact me on or call +31 6 10 77 98 20. 

MAUD PIETERSE - commissioner of activities

Hi! I'm Maud, responsible for the activities for the upcoming year at S4S. I am looking forward to inspire and move you to contribute together towards a greener future! Next to S4S, I am following a couple of master courses at Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. In my bachelor and master program, I realized how important it is to switch to more sustainable alternatives as soon as possible. Living more sustainably can feel very powerless, because individual sustainable impact is not always directly visible. But Think Big, Act Small! Our generation and the students from Delft can make a start towards new, more sustainable, standards.

For questions about activities, contact me at

Advisory board

The Board of S4S is never on his own. It can always gets help from the advisory board, wich consist out of member of the previous boards. This offers a continuity to all the new S4S boards. The advisory board consists of:

Rogier Doodeman                 Chairman 18/19 

Isabelle van der Kaaij            Head of Activities 18/19 

Britt Reddingius                     Chairman 19/20

Meron Znabei                        Treasurer 19/20 

Puck Wynia                           Head of Projects 19/20

Berend Tideman                    Penningmeester 20/21

Josefien van den Berg          Secretary 20/21

Peter Zilch                             External Affairs 20/21

Sieb Rodenburg                    Head of Projects 20/21


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