About S4S

The Students4Sustainability Foundation (S4S) is a student organisation whose aim is to encourage Delft students to apply innovative techniques for a more sustainable world. With 100% of the money we receive through donors, we give students a chance to make a difference through technical projects in developing countries. S4S offers these students the chance to realise their ideas on a global level through both financial support and sharing experiences and knowledge. In this way, the growing gap between western countries and developing countries can be bridged. 

We live in a time of great change: The world population is growing and the climate is changing faster than ever. Sustainable techniques are needed to counteract the consequences.

Sustainability can be applied at small- and large-scale levels. S4S therefore sees sustainability as a broad spectrum and wants to highlight this within its doings. By organising various events, S4S aims to inspire, inform and activate a large audience around the topic of sustainability and the opportunities it brings. In this way, students are challenged to think outside the box and generate new ideas that can be put into practice.




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