Update Mobile Solar Kiosks


After two weeks of non-stop designing, defying Tanzanian traffic, snorting African dust and stalking the production facility, team Tanzania has made an incredible accomplishment; they finished the first prototype! The prototype has already been transported to the test site. It has already been confronted with Tanzania's challenging infrastructure; it has a few bumps here and there. The locals seemed very amused as they watched team Tanzania assemble the kiosk; apparently this was very entertaining.

Apart from hanging out with Sinterklaas team Holland has been working on ideas to make Juabar a profitable company. How do you begin to make money of people that do not have money?   Most of the time however, we have been twitching up and down our chair, biting our nails and scratching our forehead wondering when the prototype would be finished. The planning and successful completion of the project depended hugely on this. This week team Tanzania will do a number of tests to validate and evaluate the concept. Also, they will go on a well-deserved two day safari. Team Holland will continue to work on reporting the process and working out the details regarding the business case.


Eva, Gina, Maaike & Matthijs  

On the picture: sneak preview of the prototype

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