Update mobile solar kiosk


Finally, the group has been reunited! Team Tanzania has safely returned to the Netherlands. After catching up on the adventures in Africa, we continued our process by combining results. Last week was concluded by presenting these findings to Juabar and the coaches from the TU Delft.

From our research we concluded the kiosk has a lot of potential to grow, especially if they can be combined with new community solutions. Which community will work best depends on the location of the kiosk. We will focus on generating ideas for a flexible design the upcoming weeks. The walls of our studio are currently covered with drawings and the tables are full of papers with sketches, doodles and brain farts.

This week we plan to talk to Juabar to ensure a fit with their company development. More information regarding this will follow the next time.


Eva, Gina, Maaike & Matthijs

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