Students4Sustainability is a student organization with one very clear goal: investing in sustainable technologies in Third world countries. S4S invests in innovative, sustainable technical projects and promotes the application of sustainable technology in the life and work of the future generation engineers.

The circumstances in developing countries offer Delft engineers the possibility to contribute in the realization of long-term welfare. These countries provide a perfect occasion to validate and enrich earlier obtained knowledge. Students4Sustainability allows students to be involved in current projects with a small effort in order to enable the transition from TU Delft research into a concrete application in a place where it’s needed most urgently, thus accommodating a win-win perspective.

With this challenge and by showing the effects of it, S4S wants to make students passionate for sustainable technologies. They can be ambassadors of the projects of their fellow-students by donating €2 per month. Currently S4S has 600 members, helping other people to develop their good initiatives.

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  • Greenport Marowijne

    Greenport Marowijne | week 1 & 2

    November 20, 2017

    In the first few weeks in Suriname we needed to get used to the warm weather and a totally different schedule comparing to the Dutch. We acclimatised well and had a lot of meetings with stakeholders. Next to that, we visited a local farmer who already uses greenhouse production and designed his own irrigation system. This was very impressive to see, since he had a much bigger and more enhanced system than we expected from an old farmer in Suriname.

  • Chako

    Chako | Arrival

    November 19, 2017

    We have been in Zanzibar for almost two weeks. We have had a warm welcome by all employees of Chako and the Zenji Hotel, where we often go to work. We have gotten to know the production processes of the different products of Chako and the way that they collect bottles. 

  • Greenhouse Production

    Greenhouse Production | Week 1 & 2

    November 17, 2017

    Two years ago, a group of 4 TU Delft students build a wooden greenhouse at Hendrik Pinas. If you take a closer look to the picture, you can see the wooden greenhouse behind the new greenhouse.  And this new greenhouse is some good news, because Hendrik Pinas was able to build it with the money he gained from the greenhouses build at TU Delft. 

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