The foundation Students4Sustainability (S4S) is a student organization with the goal of motivating TU Delft students to apply innovative technologies in real life, thus facilitating the transition to a more sustainable world. With 100% of the money received from our donators, we give students the opportunity to make a difference by setting up technical projects in developing countries.

We live in a time of large changes: The world population continuously grows, and the climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Sustainable technologies could provide a way to battle against the consequences hereof.

The mission of S4S is to stimulate sustainability on different levels, on a small scale as well as worldwide. S4S wants to inform and inspire students about the possibilities that sustainable technologies have to offer, by organizing activities such as lectures and workshops. This way, students are challenged to think outside the box and generate new ideas of how their knowledge can be put into practice.

Subsequently, S4S can offer these students the chance to realize their ideas on a global scale in the form of a development project. On the one hand by offering them financial support, on the other hand by sharing experience and knowledge. This way, the growing gap between Western countries and developing countries can be overcome.

Project news

  • Shock Safe Nepal team 7

    Shock Safe Nepal team 7 | Final update

    January 21, 2019

    Welcome to our Final Update! It’s been a very busy time for SSN7. We started the new year with a 2-week-long research trip to Nepal to validate our concepts and gather final insights. We also ran the lab tests for the Biolayer Incubator and kept preparing our Final Report.

  • Sustainable Siyakhana

    Sustainable Siyakhana | Finishing the project

    January 21, 2019

    Only two weeks left, the end of project is coming near. We’ve primarily been working on finishing the design past weeks, this week we will get all parts delivered! 

  • Aquaponics Cape Town

    Aquaponics Cape Town | Planting vegetables!

    January 20, 2019

    As you might have read in one of our previous posts, the Belhar Early Childhood Development Centre is using the first funding to install new grow beds. This expansion is the first step in making the Aquaponic System profitable, creating a sustainable source of income to provide a better environment for the children of the Centre. 

Project overview