Students4Sustainability is a student organization with one very clear goal: investing in sustainable technologies in Third world countries. S4S invests in innovative, sustainable technical projects and promotes the application of sustainable technology in the life and work of the future generation engineers.

The circumstances in developing countries offer Delft engineers the possibility to contribute in the realization of long-term welfare. These countries provide a perfect occasion to validate and enrich earlier obtained knowledge. Students4Sustainability allows students to be involved in current projects with a small effort in order to enable the transition from TU Delft research into a concrete application in a place where it’s needed most urgently, thus accommodating a win-win perspective.

With this challenge and by showing the effects of it, S4S wants to make students passionate for sustainable technologies. They can be ambassadors of the projects of their fellow-students by donating €2 per month. Currently S4S has 600 members, helping other people to develop their good initiatives.

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  • BeBold


    June 8, 2017

    This semester the Be Bold team of four Industrial Design students work on developing the Salvitae water filter; an off-grid solution for clean drinking water in India.The team spent five weeks in India to investigate target groups, their needs and the context of our product. Most research activities took place in Ivar Kandapura, a small village north of Bangalore. Local knowledge about people, products, business and culture can strengthen our position on the market.

  • Prakti

    Update Prakti

    March 16, 2017

    Like I have written before I am researching the cooking habits and customs of two different countries: Ghana and Uganda. Before going to Ghana I finished my literature review of Uganda. 

  • Bambú Social factory

    Update Bambú Social

    March 1, 2017

    We are proud to show you the final result of the Bamboo factory! It has come to an end and we are very happy with the results :) The community and volunteers we trained are excited to take over and will finish the new concrete pila and the last bit of the roof.

    We hope you like it :)

    Bamboo Factory Team

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