In addition to the events organized by the S4S board itself, a number of events are organized with the help of committees. Four different committees have been appointed this year: the Symposium, The ‘Groene Pint’ (Green Pint), Festable and the S4S Business Committee. With the help of these committees, larger events are set up to inspire even more students in the field of sustainability.


S4S Business Committee

S4S-Business organizes events throughout the year such as Case-Days, Field Trips, Business Fairs, etc. The aim is to introduce Delft students with a sustainable vision to the business sector that also aims in the same direction!

This year, in collaboration with GreenTU, we are organizing the second edition of the Green Career Fair where we connect Delft students with sustainable, forward-thinking companies.



Students4Sustainability has been organizing an annual symposium on a large scale since 2017. The Symposium is an evening full of interesting discussion between politicians, multinationals, startups, professors from the TU Delft and speakers from many different industries.

Every year the Symposium focuses on a sustainable theme, in order to teach students about a sustainable world in an educational and fun way. The aim of the Symposium is to fill an evening full of inspiring, informative and motivating lectures. At the Symposium, students can gain knowledge about sustainability and become enthusiastic about sustainability in their current lives and future careers.

Infinite Circles - where sustainability knows no bounds. This year the focus will be on developing a circular economy and the obstacles encountered when launching sustainable initiatives.

Each year, one overarching theme is linked to the Symposium. The themes of recent years were:

2017 -  Is technology in time to stop climate change?

2018 - What’s shaping the path to a sustainable future?

2019 - What does a future society look like?

2020 - Biomimicry – innovation inspired by nature

2021 - Green Mirror, which path to sustainability do you choose?

2022 - From Abstract to Impact  

2023 - Diverging Perspectives

2024 - Infinite Circles


The ‘Groene Pint’

We are the Groene Pint, an initiative by Students4Sustainability, collaborating with Urgenda and the National Chamber of Associations to publish an annual report on sustainability practices within the 47 student associations in the Netherlands.

The winner of the Groene Pint and sustainability ranking is determined through a questionnaire divided into four main sections: society, inventory & consumables, integrated approach, and external expressions. The report extensively covers all sustainable initiatives and actions already taken or currently underway by the associations. It's an excellent opportunity for positive media exposure, fostering sustainability, exchanging ideas with other associations, and learning from each other.

Visit for more information."



Festable is the festival where sustainability, art, and music converge. Our goal is to playfully inspire students about sustainability through a marketplace featuring the coolest sustainable initiatives and eco-friendly festival decor. Food and drinks are also environmentally conscious! These sustainable elements come together for a lively party lasting into the late hours.

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