Update Mobile Solar kiosks


Team Tanzania is home finally! They are still a bit tired from all the new impressions, but at least they have somewhat of a teint (even the ginger) and soaked up some sun (unlike team Holland) in Zanzibar. The once so quiet and ordered studio is yet again a mess of cables, laptops and sketches.

Team Tanzania has done an incredible amount of work and finished the first prototype at sight. The only reason that this was accomplished was of course because this Team Tanzania (unlike the previous Team Tanzania) had absolutely NO diarrhoea week. Unsurprisingly, not everything went according to plan. The designers ended up assembling the prototype at the location themselves, instead of the entrepreneur. This has led to a lot of new design insights, that will serve as input for the next concept. Additionally, all the research regarding the technical aspects, its use, the interactions and the community solution are processed. All these insights will contribute to a new and improved design. The improved concept will be (has to be!) designed within the next two weeks. Appearance and usability will be key for the remainder of the process.

Only four weeks left!  


Eva, Gina, Maaike & Matthijs

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