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After weeks of preparation it is finally here: today, Wednesday 16th of September, the first team consisting of Eva and Gina will fly to Tanzania. They will collaborate with the local company Juabar and research possibilities for connectivity based solar-entrepreneurship in rural areas of Tanzania.

In anticipation of Eva and Gina’s departure, most important stakeholders have been mapped which allowed us to develop a cohesive and focussed research. Tanzanian culture as well as the company’s current solar kiosk will be studied in detail. The results of the research will be the input for a redesign, which will better suit the needs and wishes of the users.

The research will be focussed in the area around Morogoro, which is west of Dar es Salaam. Nevertheless, Eva and Gina will be in Dar often, sharing their findings with us from the office of Juabar. Matthijs and Maaike will be hard at work in the Netherlands, gathering as much information as possible, which will be combined with Eva and Gina’s findings to create a clear internal and external analysis.

We are very curious about what we might find! We will share more of our findings in the next update.

Are you interested to know more? You can see the existing solar kiosk on Juabar’s website: www.juabar.com

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