Update Mobile Solar Kiosks


Finally, it happened! The second team has now arrived in Tanzania. They needed some time to adapt to the heat (and the rain!). Still, determined as they are they have started working and developing the concept full on.

They have visited the prototyping facility as well as the market for materials. The market is more of a street with garages with a mix of materials. As soon as they see a mzungu (white person) the seller's run towards our guide to try and sell them stuff. (A mzungu is a synonym for money in this country.) With a good sense of what is available and technically possible the design of the concept can now be finalised.

Meanwhile, team Holland is working on an additional service. We have now fully realised how tricky it is to develop a profitable service or product for people that have little to no money. We are currently looking for solutions within the topics of business networks and accessibility of information. Also, finding a partner for Juabar seems interesting as they can offer the capital to grow the current business. Things are moving fast now, hopefully we will be able to add pictures of prototyping in the next update.


Eva, Gina, Maaike & Matthijs

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