Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions members of S4S

  1. These terms and conditions are valid for donators of the foundation Students4Sustainability, called S4S from this point on.
  2. S4S is a foundation, led by students and meant for students. S4S recruits members for her projects in developing countries.
  3. The funding of S4S will be invested in projects in developing countries on the occasion of research done by students and employees form the Delft University of Technology. The projects are up-to-date documented on the website of S4S.
  4. The funding of S4S will not be invested in Western students, research or internships.
  5. Donators of S4S are students and employees of the Delft University of Technology and all other people who are interested.
  6. Donators of S4S are involved in her projects due to newsletters and reports. In these media S4S declares the destination of invested money, links projects with interested students and unveil new plans of the board of S4S.
  7. A donator subscribes to S4S for an undefined time period. With the exception of donators who choose to support a specific project. In that case, a donator subscribes for at least 8 months.
  8. To unsubscribe, the donor must send an e-mail to info@students4sustainability.nl. There is a notice period of 1 month.
  9. Personal data are processed in accordance with the General data protection regulation. Click here for more information.
  10. Donating will be done by an automatic transaction.
  11. The member of S4S authorizes S4S to amortize monthly the chosen donation amount of his or her bank account on behalf of the projects.
  12. For further information about S4S you will be redirected to the statutes, which can be requested at the board of S4S.
  13. The address of S4S is: Mekelweg 8, 2628 CD Delft.
  14. S4S is available at www.students4sustainability.nl and info@students4sustainability.nl.

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