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Habari! [Hello!]

We are Emma and Dorrit, two Industrial Design Engineering graduating students who are doing our graduation project for the IOMe005 innovation hub in Lamu, rural coastal North-East Kenya. The lab is a Kenya Red Cross Initiative and aims to contribute to the innovation in the county.

Currently the children in Lamu have limited access to modern Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education due to the lack of resources. This is a gap that the innovation hub wants to fill by using their in-house production facilities. Our projects’ goal is to engage and enthuse primary school children for STEM education.

Within this subject both of us have specified a direction; Emma’s project for her Design for Interaction master aims to spark the interest of young girls for science topics, as women are often underrepresented in these topics. On the other hand Dorrit’s project, for the Integrated Product Design master track, focuses on the development of educational tools to teach the children about wind energy and its applications in a hands-on manner.

We are excited to learn anything we can about this subject and make our designs fit the challenges and opportunities of Lamu.

To follow our journey be sure to check us on Instagram @lamu.stories

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