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  • Bambú Social 2.0

    Final update Bambu Social 2.0

    Feb 18, 2016

    Bambú Social is a foundation that aims to improve the housing conditions in Nicaragua, by sharing knowledge about the use of bamboo as a construction material. In 2014, a bamboo model house was built in El Rama, as an experiment on using bamboo in a local, sustainable and cost efficient way in Nicaragua. Based on this model house, a first design for a cheaper and more basic social house was made, taking all previous lessons into account.

  • Bambú Social 2.0

    Update Bambu Social 2.0

    Jan 7, 2016

    The Bambú Social project is almost halfway and we would like to give you a second update on our experiences and progress. In the past six weeks we have been evaluating the design and the construction of the model house, we have also been working on improvements for the first design of a social house. We analyse the construction on the different connections, the strength and the use of materials. Our goal is to deliver a design that can be constructed with local materials and techniques. Besides analysing the technical aspect of the bamboo house we also pay attention to the social aspects. We have been investigating the current housing situation in El Rama by visiting people in their homes. Together with the inhabitants of El Rama we discuss their wishes for their future housing situation and the possibilities they see for building with bamboo.

  • Bambú Social 2.0

    Update Bambu Social 2.0

    Nov 28, 2015

    The Bambú Social 2.0 team has been in Nicaragua for almost a month, a good time to give you an update on our experiences and the progress of the project.

Bambú Social 2.0

Since 2014, Bambú Social does research on local building materials and opportunities in Nicaragua, resulting in the design and construction of a bamboo model house on site. The focus lies in sharing knowledge with the locals and learning them to appreciate bamboo as a building material.

With a new team, we want to bring the cost of a bamboo house further down. With the knowledge and experience of the past two years, we will adjust the design so there is less material and less working hours needed for the construction.

An affordable, easy-to-build house of good quality that is adaptable to the various needs of the residents, that is our goal.

Why Bamboo

Bamboo is a strong building material. It can be produced locally, grows extremely fast, only needs few nutrients and and helps prevent deforestation of the rainforest. Also, the growth prevents soil erosion and has a high CO2 absorption.

Why Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Central America. There is a great shortage of housing and the existing houses have many qualitative shortcomings. This makes that 78% of the population is homeless or lives in very poor conditions.

Our Team

We are three students of Delft University of technology and Leiden University in The Netherlands. The coming six months, we will work on the project Bambú Social 2.0 in El Rama, Nicaragua.

Marie-Louise Greijmans - civil engineering

Thomas Hebbink - architecture

Sophie Hengeveld - architecture, psychology


Within six months, we want to develop and test a design for social housing on site. We also aim to make a business plan for the prefabrication of bamboo elements and capture the project in a short documentary.



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