Cold Chain hands over the project

Team TopDown handed the Cold Chain project over to Enviu. Enviu will continue testing and developing the community cooling center.

In recent months, the TopDown Team has explored how to improve the economic position of farmers in India by cooling agricultural products. By keeping the products fresh, a higher price can be asked for their products and it is possible to respond to the whims of the market.
The design is based on the participation of the local entrepreneurs. They will run the community cooling center. Farmers can have their products cooled for a low price in a small cooling house that will be managed by the local entrepreneurs.

This design will be used by Enviu. Pilots will take place in various places together with local NGOs and ONergy. Based on the results of the pilots, it will be determined how the community cooling center can be applied on a larger scale. In this way, the Cold Chain will be worked out visibly in order to increase food production and improve the economic position of farmers in developing countries.

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