Cold Chain prepares pilots

The TopDown Team of the cold chain project is back in the Netherlands and has already done a lot of work. They are currently preparing four pilots to take place in February or March.

A network has been set up in collaboration with ONergy, Enviu and NGOs to provide cooling techniques to local farmers. The energy-efficient cooling techniques will be tested during the pilots. The product proposal is now such that the cool box resembles a container with well-insulated wall parts with an air conditioner. The cooling systems are placed near the local farmers. Local entrepreneurs will take care of the management. The NGOs involved will determine which farmers can best use the technology. The ONergy network with various NGOs will make it easier for farmers to obtain loans from the bank. To finance the pilots, an application has been made for the rural innovation fund of the National Bank of Agriculture Development (NABARD).

The team is now continuing to further design the product service system. The design for the materialization of the community service center has led to a business model that focuses on insulation, 'eco-cooling techniques' and additional services such as storage methods (crates and box systems and rental services) and information about current market prices for specific vegetables. Once the team has elaborated on these parts, it will be transferred to ONergy and Enviu, who will continue the development process.

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