Go-to-market strategy for smallholder farmers in Ghana

Locatie: Kumasi, Ghana |


I’m Charlotte, I’m a Strategic Product Design Engineering Master student and I’m graduating at the Kwadaso Agricultural College in Kumasi, Ghana. My thesis is part of a broader Dutch funded initiative, which aims at improving the horticulture sector in Ghana, in order to increase employment abilities of the Ghanaian youth. Main stakeholders within this project are Delft University of Technology, Kwadaso Agricultural College and Holland Greentech.

Kwadaso Agricultural College is located in Kumasi, Southern Ghana. It is the leading and oldest agricultural institution in Ghana, aiming at teaching its students practical and theoretical horticulture skills. The ongoing project educates farming as a business and this entrepreneurial mindset is embedded within the courses that are taught at Kwadaso Agricultural College. My graduation project aims at co-creating solutions with Kwadaso and surrounding farmers to improve the current go-to-market strategy for commercial smallholder farmers within the Ashanti region in Kumasi. I’m very excited to get started with the field research and the farmer interviews and to also get to know the students and staff of Kwadaso! Stay tuned for more updates :)

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