Go-to-market strategy for smallholder farmers in Ghana - Update I

I’ve been in Kumasi already for three weeks now and time is flying by. I’ve already had the chance to meet with quite some smallholder farmers who farm in this region, to understand their challenges and opportunities when it comes to going to market.

Hearing from the farmers firsthand what motivates them, what inspires them and what their plans are has been very encouraging and it makes me hopeful about the future of farming in Ghana. The Holland Greentech and the Kwadaso Agricultural College team has been very supportive and key to getting to the right people. Now that I have mapped out the big hurdles of going to market, it is high time to start co-creating solutions. The creative sessions will start this week and hopefully they provide me with the necessary insights.

Next to my research, I’ve also been trying to enjoy Ghana and all it has to offer, from spending my weekend at the beach areas, to meeting other internationals in Kumasi. I’ve even been improving my cooking skills by making banku, a local side dish, together with the girls from my host family! Looking forward to the next few weeks! Medaase!

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