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General Background

Did you know that there is more than 50 million tons of global electronic waste in 2019? Unfortunately, just below 20% of e-waste is formally collected and recycled globally. The rest unmanaged hazardous wastes could cause adverse health effects on humans and environmental degradation. On the other hand, e-waste has remarkable economic value due to the precious metals it contains. In Indonesia itself, e-waste generation is approximately 2 million tons (in 2021) which has a value of US$ 2 billion.


REMIND (Recycling Materials for Indonesia) Project

As a team of graduate and PhD student specializes in recycling, we have been doing a project called “REMIND” in Indonesia. Our goal is to be the national initiator and activator towards sustainability through e-waste recycling since 2017. Thanks to the financial support from S4S, we are able to escalate our existing pilot plant/laboratory facilities in Karawang, Indonesia. By purchasing additional recycling equipment and resources we can keep the recycling activities running and improve its processing efficiency. One extra equipment is a shaking table, which will help us to selectively separate plastics and metals. We recycled waste printed circuit boards through mechanical and hydrometallurgical processing followed by smelting to recover precious metals. In addition, we also aim to execute the collecting activities and social media campaign to trigger the awareness and involve the community to tackle the electronic waste problems together. Therefore more e-waste will be recycled in our facilities. We believe the circularity through recycling is the key for environmental sustainability which will protect human health and the environment.

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