REMIND - Update I

Due to covid outbreak in Indonesia for the past months, some of our planning was rescheduled. Most importantly, we have managed to finish setting up our lab with the new equipment. We have a new furnace and shaking table, which you can see in the picture above. With the shaking table, we aim to more selectively separate metals from plastics. The shaking table is based on the density separation principle that will separate lighter particles from the heavier particles. With the vibration and flowing water, light particles (plastics) will be swept away and collected as tailing, while the heavier particles (metals) will be collected separately as concentrate. Cleaner concentrate will create a higher efficiency in the next process. The furnace will be used mainly for melting purposes. In addition, we have also bought chemicals and other extra tools to be used for the recycling of electronic waste. Nitric Acid is the main chemicals that will be used to dissolve base metals and further leave the precious metals as precipitate. Chemicals will be used based on which metals we want to separate. Our main target is to extract gold, silver and palladium.

As we also aim to educate and increase the awareness within the communities, we have launched a program to collect e-waste from the societies in return for money. Several people have contacted us, mostly from Jakarta (Indonesia), to trade their e-waste, but they were also curious on how to actually treat their e-waste properly. Through this initiative, we have gathered more than 6 kg of e-waste consisting of laptops, handphones, and other small electronic devices. In total, with the addition of e-waste that we bought from traders, we managed to collect 16 kg of e-waste so far. We are glad that some people are now more concerned about the hazardous e-waste and how to deal with them. In summary, e-waste as recycling feed, chemicals, equipments and tools are ready and sufficient to be used and continue the recycling project. We are planning to process some of the e-waste in the next two weeks as the goverment is planning to lower the corona measures.

Lastly, we are happy to announce that we are now have a website! Please go to to check what we are doing in more detail and to stay updated with our recycling activities!

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