REMIND - Update IV


Characterisation Results

The lab analysis of the samples are from PT Geoservices, which specializes in mineral characterization in Indonesia. The results were remarkable and promising! The samples sent to the lab are feed (initial IC chips), three outputs from shaking table (concentrate, middling, tailing), and recycled gold. We asked the lab to measure the samples' base metals and precious metals content. We highlighted the Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), and Copper (Cu) content as our most important target to recover based on the values. The results are as below:

hCEWMCtzNhLt0yzJ6HFw4qFyf2Kxb84Iu-IIYzRZlWfb16ja-xuAzIeV9b1tye-11eNkR_grQDMZeb2zgppN7uNKyQXWwZZXK-6m2vR9jBkn0AYN1gLTfxemY9osQVvEL-eDF5HIThe above figure shows copper is highly concentrated in the "concentrate" fraction with 32.59% copper. From the initial Cu composition of 8% in the feed, the shaking table is excellent for separating the impurities to produce a high grade heavy metallic fraction for the subsequent recycling process. Some amount of Cu in the middling fraction is the next thing to analyze to prevent the loss of copper. For the gold and silver content, it was worth mentioning that even the feed itself contains a vast amount of gold and silver with 3,706 and 5,736 ppm or gram per ton, respectively. Hence, recycling e-waste is very important not only to save the environment but also to recover the potential amount of raw materials. Gold is highly concentrated in the "concentrate" fraction, but there was still some amount of gold lost in the "middling" and "tailing" fractions. The next thing to improve is to set the operating condition of the shaking table to reduce the amount of gold in the "middling" and "tailing" fractions. Unfortunately, the silver is highly concentrated in the "middling" fraction, which has to be further noted for improvement. The most important thing is that we are glad that the gold that we have produced has a high purity of 90%, as seen in the pie chart! This purity can be directly put into the market with excellent value! We hope there will be more recycled gold to come.


E-Waste World Conference and Expo 2021

In this update, we are also keen to share that Muhammad Dzikri, on behalf of Remind, had delivered a presentation at an international stage, E-Waste World Conference and Expo 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany, on the 1st of December 2021. Remind was sharing the stage with the world-leading e-waste organizations, recyclers, and manufacturers such as Umicore, Metso, Tamara, SIMS, WEEE Forum, Mint, and many more to mention. We were honored to share and discuss the current state of art technologies from automated sorting, biohydrometallurgy, integrated smelters to the Extended Producers Responsibility Scheme. Many insights came from every region in the world, from the global south to the global north, where we are fighting the rapid growth of e-waste. Muhammad shared the current challenges and practices of e-waste recycling in Indonesia and briefly discussed the progress we have been making with Remind.

At this point, We are very thankful for the support of S4S for helping Remind along the way this far! We hope to keep improving to reach our goal, help Indonesia to solve the e-waste problem through proper recycling!

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