Greenport Marowijne

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From November the 4th we, Joep, Kris and Chris (f.l.t.r.), will stay in Suriname for 3 months. We will focus on the village Moengo, Marowijne. 

Ever since the bauxite mining industry left there, a lot of people became jobless and the danger of food shortage becomes more and more real. The last couple of years, several groups went there for the promotion of greenhouses, but none of them did research after irrigation, even though this can be an essential part in greenhouse production. Since Suriname has a tropical climate, there can be too much water in some periods, but also draught in others. It can also be too hot for the plants to grow well and that’s why a good system can contribute to the yield and the effectivity.

Firstly, we will execute a market research after the problems and wishes concerning irrigation. With the help of that information and S4S, we can build a prototype and test it. After that, some more can be build and improved. This system will be designed in such a way that it becomes an integrated part in the wooden greenhouse project. 

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