Greenport Marowijne | Week 7 & 8

The Christmas holiday has started here and everyone is enjoying the classic Surinam December party-month, so we paused our visits to farmers. We used this free time to analyse the data we collected during the past two months in Suriname. Finally, we came to the same conclusion as expected: a drip-kit system is the best system to use here in Suriname. This means we do not need to change our design made in the Netherlands.

With a drip-kit system a bucket of water is placed at a certain height and connected to a hose.

This hose contains holes to bring the water directly to the roots of the plants. This system prevents water loss and is easy to build. So we found a cheap and sustainable solution! Our goal is to set up lessons about irrigation for students from a local school, leading them to this design. In that way they will be extra enthusiastic for building it in the greenhouse that is placed there.

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