Greenport Marowijne | Week 11 & 12

We weren't only busy building the metal greenhouse at the Barronschool this last week, but we also worked on the first TU Delft irrigation system in Moengo. Because of some time pressure and several delays, the system is not yet working as we hoped it would, but we found a trustworthy teacher who is determined to finish this project successfully with his students.

Now there is a concrete base on which a big tank is stationed that collects all the rainwater from the gutter. A tubing system is to be connected in order to collect water from the outside gutters too. The tank has an adaptor and both a regular hose as some dripping tape can be connected to that. This way the system can be used optimally for educational purposes. 

It was difficult saying our goodbyes at the Barronschool, but we look back at a wonderful and very informative period and we're looking forward to the pictures of mister Marto when it's completely done!

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