Frugal Hydroponics

Location: Suriname |

Gruntu tap Watra is a pilot project made possible by Students for Sustainability (S4S), commissioned by the Crosscare Foundation with the aim of introducing sustainable agriculture techniques in Klaaskreek, Brokopondo. This project is part of the Leiden/Delft/Erasmus minor Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Global Development. A pilot-project with a Kratky-system has been established at the Daniel- Ijveraar elementary school in Klaaskreek, where the pupils can learn about sustainability and water-cultivation. It is a sustainable way of growing crops (vegetables, fruit, and herbs) where rainwater and fertilizers are used efficiently. This technique has the potental to avoid overcultivation and further deforestation. The greenhouse is on the grounds of the Daniël Ijveraarschool in Klaaskreek and is currently being maintained by the students involved and students from class 4 (grade 6). The PH and PPM values ​​of the water are measured weekly as part of the lessons about sustanability.

This pilot project is part of the research into the possibilities of using sustainable agricultural techniques in the outback of Suriname.Educating children and others about sustainable cultivation could increase self-sufficiency and prepare them to be more resilient against climate change and extreme weather conditions. Since the technique uses rainwater efficiently and does not require arable land, it could contribute to the fight against deforestation. Furthermore, educating from a young age about sustainability, recycling, and conscious consumption, could improve their livelihoods and surroundings.

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