Frugal Hydroponics - Update I

After a month of interesting appointments in Paramaribo, we started implementing our practical plans. In the first weekend of December, we realized an educational greenhouse of 24m2 at the local elementary school in Klaaskreek. We did this together with the guys from Suriname Organic Hydro Crops. We stocked up the necessary materials along the way from Paramaribo to Klaaskreek. For the frame of the greenhouse, we have chosen for Walaba-wood, a sustainable type of wood that is resistant to termites and furniture beetles. The roof consists of shade mesh (50%) and agricultural plastic to allow the right amount of sunlight. We have chosen to have the roof staggered so that the heat does not collect in the top. The construction of the greenhouse was quite a challenge, especially because there were hardly any tools available. Fortunately, we were able to borrow the necessary tools from a number of helpful neighbours and achieved the result we were hoping for.

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