Frugal Hydroponics - Update II

The greenhouse stands, so it’s time to plant! Together with Julio from Sur Organic & Hydro Crops we introduced the teachers and children of the elementary school to the greenhouse. Julio taught the children about hydroponics and everything that comes with it. Some elements he discussed were: sustainability aspects of hydroponics compared to traditional farming, the importance of including fresh vegetables in your diet, but also practical matters such as how the nutrients are measured and added to the water. We chose a type of hydroponics which is called the “kratky” method. For this method, no electricity is needed and it’s relatively easy to understand and learn, even for younger children. The plants simply float on the water in which the nutrients are dissolved. Once a week, the ppm and pH must be measured, and nutrients must be added accordingly. After this class, everyone went outside to the greenhouse to plant amsoi, paksoi and kaisoi! Afterwards the water is measured, and nutrients are added.

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