Energizing Uganda

Location: Kampala |

We are three students from the TU Delft. We are going to work on a biogas project in collaboration with the Ndejje University in Kampala. We want to contribute by bridging the gap between the sanitation and energy problem in Uganda. 

Digesters are able to convert cow manure, green waste and human feces into both biogas and a sludge that can be used as a fertilizer.
People currently use biogas for cooking and lightning. If you combine a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) to the digester it will transform the biogas into electricity. 
We are going to explore if there are any possibilities for the integration of a SOFC in the Ugandan context. 

We will start off with fieldwork, analysing the quality of biogas generated by different digesters in Uganda. Secondly, we are going to analyse the data, model multiple scenarios and design a gas cleaning unit to eliminate hydrogen sulfide from the biogas to optimize the methane yield. Then we will explore the possibilities of building an SOFC with locally available resources.

We are really looking forward to work on this project together with Ndejje university. 
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