Energizing Uganda | First days in Uganda

Three days ago we arrived in Uganda to start our journey of ten weeks. We landed at four o’clock in the morning, luckily we were picked up by two people from the university where we will do our internship for the coming weeks. From the airport in Entebbe, it was a two-hour drive to the village where we would be staying for the next ten weeks.

When we arrived at our new house we immediately dived in our beds for a nice sleep. The following day we got a tour around the neighboring villages and the campus of the university. Everyone was very friendly and welcomed us immediately. The surroundings are very beautiful and green, especially when compared to the Netherlands. While it is freezing in the Netherlands right now, here it is thirty degrees. No need for sweaters or a jacket, some loose pants, and comfortable shirts are enough. On our first evening, we already went to Kampala for a nice night out. Dancing away our sleep and drinking Nile beer we loved our first night here!

The next day we had some practical things on our to-do list. We went to the telecom shop for a SIM-card and afterward we went to this bakery called BROOD, a Dutch bakery that has shops in Den Haag, Haarlem, Amsterdam and somehow also in Kampala. We bought some bread there and other food in the supermarket. At the end of the day we also visited some hardware shops, so we got a good idea of what we are able to purchase here and where to look for them. Now that we had gathered everything that we needed in Kampala it was time to head back home.

Yesterday we relaxed a bit, went to the swimming pool on the campus, read a book and prepared for our first day. We wake up at six o’clock here, so we went to bed early to start our first day good!

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