Energizing Uganda | The chaos of Kampala

As part of our research we plan on making our own biogas lab where we will build three mini-digesters. We will be able to put in a different input in each digester so we can reference the quality of the gas with each other. Hopefully, after eight weeks, we will be able to determine what the perfect input mixture will be.

To construct this lab we are in need of many different products and here in Uganda, you will not be able to find them all in just one shop and certainly not in a small town as Ndejje.  So we packed our bags and took the matatu (the Ugandan version of a taxi) to Kampala. With hearts full of hope we started our Saturday with visiting multiple shops which all, unfortunately, were closed. With a new spark of hope, we went on Sunday to other streets. However, all the shops there were also closed and we realised that in order to not come home emptyhanded we needed to stay one day longer in Kampala. On our final day in Kampala, we were finally successful with our shopping trip. We probably visited twenty different shops but we got everything we needed. The following week we started putting the entire design in SolidWorks and in the coming weeks, the construction of the lab will kickoff.

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