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Sagar Energy zoekt studenten!

Publicatiedatum: 2 april 2018 - 14:47

Sagar Energy Solutions is looking for bright minds who want to help in boosting our renewable energy project at Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Sagar produces a solar-based alternative to replace conventional kerosene lanterns deployed in the night-fishing industry in Tanzania: the Sabi Fishing Lamp.

We have a variety of topics available for you to help out with: 
- Supply chain: current product is manufactured by a partner in India. The focus is on the utilisation of more local materials (available in East Africa) to a.o. reduce transportation costs and keep more money in local economy.
- Electrical engineering: optimization of charging of battery inside lamp, reduce heat production, and design of (modular) solar hubs.
- Product design: enhance the product's waterproofing, reduce the chance of damage during transport, investigate options to reduce costs and alternately look for low-cost yet durable material for the product casing 
- Environmental & economic impacts: investigate the impact of the product on fish catch, and disposable income of fishermen, fishing camp owners and local economy. Additionally, undertake benchmarking exercise for camps/regions of interest on the lake. 
- Marketing/Branding: Build marketing strategy for the online and off-line presence of our social enterprise. Significant innovation is required in the off-line strategy to make it cost-effective in Tanzania/Kenya.

In case you are interested, send an email to projecten@students4sustainability.nl to get into contact with Sagar and acquire more information. Depending on the topic work can be partly performed in The Netherlands as well, before or after the stay in Tanzania.