Hydropepump Sierra Leone - Update II

Hi everyone,

As promised, a short update on the Hydrope pump project in Sierra Leone. The project is going very well, last Tuesday we managed to install the first pump in a small town near Freetown which was a great relief and a very exciting moment for all of us. Especially the local people were enthusiastic about the new water system en promised us to take good care of the pump!

We aren't done however: the current plan is to install two more pumps. The production of these pumps started last week and is being done using solely local products, on top of this we also have Gabriel Joe with us at all times. Gabriel is one of our contacts in Sierra Leone and an employee of SEP. As we teach him how to produce and install the pump, he will continue our work once we have left Sierra Leone. We are confident that after we leave he will be able to construct the pump himself. 

After we placed the first pump Gabriel and others advertised the pump in their netwerk and got a lot of reaction. Because of this SEP plans to turn the pump building into a business and provide more people with this simple, cheap and easy to use rope pump. In the following weeks we hope to make more people happy with a brand-new Hydrope pump and are sure that we finish our project successfully! 

Greetings from Sierra Leone, 

Team Hydrope Pump, 

Tetsuo, Rolf and Laurens

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