Final result Spring Design

In the very last week of the project, all four members of team Spring worked hard on the finalization of the design. After project team members Rixt and Emilie came back from the Philippines with a lot of useful insights, last practicalities were applied to detail the final design. This design has been modelled and rendered digitally.

The result is one core unit that offers instant and low financial barrier access to all basic facilities of water, electricity and sanitation on a community level of twenty households.Besides, a fully worked out plan for constructing with locally available materials, an introduction plan for rollout of the unit and a detailed plan of how the unit would be realised and operated in practice with the roles of all stakeholders involved is developedAll efforts done made it possible to come up with a pragmatic solution that suits the specific target group of urban poor in the Philippines and could be implemented on a short-term.

Here, the project stops for team Spring Design. The non-profit Foundation of the client company of Metabolic was very enthusiastic. They mentioned their plans for moving their activities to Southeast Asia within two years to find a suitable non-governmental organisation and develop a combined unit for the urban poor. Our work will function as a valuable starting point.

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