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  • Maldives Matter

    Maldives Matter | Tomato tests

    Apr 15, 2019

    A Maldivian greenhouse, Dutch horticulture and international stakeholders. To find out how the intended crops will react to the Maldivian climate we are conducting a tomato grow test. Of course we have done initial calculations with the help of a Dutch greenhouse builder. But growing actual tomatoes in a controlled environment in the intended climate is a good benchmark: a hands-on practical approach.

  • Sustainable Siyakhana

    Sustainable Siyakhana | Last update

    Feb 10, 2019

    Our last update of our project in Johannesburg! After three months of working on the digester we are (almost) done with the project. The last weeks we’ve worked hard to ensure that the continuation of the project will be smooth by handing over reports and information to PEET’s (an institute from the University of Johannesburg that works on similar projects).

  • Electric Fence Bardiya

    Electric Fence Bardiya | Finishing up the project

    Jan 31, 2019

    Since our last update a lot has happened. In that update we wrote we were in Thakurdwara, the village where the gate of the National Park is situated. We also wrote that we were making adjustments to the test site in the National Park, where mice broke the cables of the camera system and the fence was to be rebuilt. We completed both within the planning of 1 week since our arrival in Thakurdwara on January 3rd.

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