Chako 17/19

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania | |

From the 6th of November, We, David, Marleen and Roos will be for three months in Zanzibar, Tanzania. There is still a lot of poverty at Zanzibar and the waste disposal system is still really bad. Chako tries to tackle both problems by recycling garbage into beautiful products done by the local population. This products will be sold to for a fair price to tourists and the employees of Chako will get their fair wages. So Chako doesn't only make the island cleaner, it also provides jobs for the local populations. 

Chako is growing in a fast rate over the last years. Their working place is still in a living house. We shall help to move Chako to a new place with a completely new workplace. This new place will have a better working environment for all employees and will be closer and more visible for the tourists. 

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