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Habari! We are Sjoerd, Bram and Charlotte and we are working on bicycle accessories at CooP-Kenya. CooP-Kenya is a daughter organisation of CooP-Africa, a Dutch non-profit. Through bicycles CooP-Africa wants to help people in developing countries to move forward. 

They do this specifically with three social projects: Bike4Care, Bike4Work and Bike4School. Through these projects they bring health closer to the people, they give small-time entrepreneurs a chance to bring their goods to the market, and they give hope for the future by making education accessible.We have been asked to design accessories for CooP, especially a double stand, and a front and rear carrier. De double stand is a heavy duty stand able to carry big loads. The front and rear carrier enable the African people to take for instance more goods to the market, their schoolbooks to school, or their medical kit to their patients.

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