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Hello! We are Bianca, Max, Marije and Emma: four Industrial Design Engineering master students from the Delft University of Technology. This semester we are working on a product development project with the goal to deliver clean drinking water to Indian families. India is one of many countries worldwide that experiences issues of water stress and water pollution.

We will further develop a product concept by research company TNO and product design agency Van Berlo. The concept is Salvitae: a water-still that uses evaporation and condensation to turn filthy or salt water into fresh drinking water. TNO sees the potential of using the evaporative cooling power of plants to increase the condensation rate and resulting amount of drinking water. The drinking water production is estimated at 10 L per day, sufficient for maintaining a family of 5 people. The system is an off-the-grid solution that operates without any external energy source.

The goal of our project is to test the technical feasibility as well as the desirability of the product concept. Finally we will deliver a redesign and recommendations to kick-start a potential start-up with the product Salvitae. We will conduct field exploration to gain insight in the needs and wishes of the target group, as well as collect feedback on the current concept.

The past month we spend on literature studies and preparing for field research. We are very curious to learn more about the context and target group during our time in India and will keep you posted on our progress!

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