Latest project news

  • Nosquito

    Nosquito | The first prototype!

    Jun 7, 2019

    After the first meetings at the MSF (doctors without borders) headquarters in Kenya, the real fun could really begin after we arrived at the Kilifi on the coast.

  • Nosquito

    Nosquito | First weeks

    May 30, 2019

    Team Nosquito has flown off! Today we’ve officially started working in Nairobi, meeting with multiple stakeholders at the office of our partner company.

  • Maldives Matter

    Maldives Matter | Tomato tests

    Apr 15, 2019

    A Maldivian greenhouse, Dutch horticulture and international stakeholders. To find out how the intended crops will react to the Maldivian climate we are conducting a tomato grow test. Of course we have done initial calculations with the help of a Dutch greenhouse builder. But growing actual tomatoes in a controlled environment in the intended climate is a good benchmark: a hands-on practical approach.

All projects

  • Plastic Upcycling

    The Project “Plastic Upcycling in Colombia” is a Masterthesis of Tessa Vaendel for the Master Integrated Product Design. In collaboration with the start-up Urban Mining she is going to design a product that can be made out of plastic wast. This project takes place in Cundinamarca, a rual area in Colombia. 

  • Prakti

    Hi! My name is Stephanie and currently I am doing my masters thesis for Prakti, a cookstove company based in the Southern part of India. Their motto is to create smart stoves for smart cooks. Prakti designs a lot of different types of stoves for people in third world countries.

  • Design in Free Fall

    We are Design in Freefall, a design team from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. We are Donna, Angeles, Gijs, Robert and Tim, and we have been designing a plastic bag digester since September 2016.

  • Sunshine

    Olyotya! We are Jozine, Mirte, Chéron and G-Young from Studio Sunshine. We are working on a project on malaria consultation for the Community health workers in Uganda with the company, the Healthy Entrepreneurs.

  • My name is Ire Oyekan and I am a student at the Technical University of Delft, studying Industrial Design Engineering (IDE). For my graduation project I have set up a project in collaboration with the Dutch organization Yep! Africa. Yep!Africa is a social enterprise specialized in providing empowerment & entrepreneurship trainings to Gambian youths. 

  • Coop-Africa Kenya

    Habari! We are Sjoerd, Bram and Charlotte and we are working on bicycle accessories at CooP-Kenya. CooP-Kenya is a daughter organisation of CooP-Africa, a Dutch non-profit. Through bicycles CooP-Africa wants to help people in developing countries to move forward. 

  • Meccano Greenhouses

    We are Mecanno Greenhouses Suriname and we think that Suriname farmers can have enormous benefits of cultivation in greenhouses. Many vegetables are destroyed by heavy rainfall or excessive sun radiation. A greenhouse can protect the crops so farmers can harvest about four times more a year. This is why we will do market research on different types of greenhouses in Suriname. After that we will design the most suitable greenhouse for Suriname for we will look for a business model.

  • CooP-Africa Uganda

    We are Johan, Anne and Jasper and are currently doing the minor International Entrepreneurship and Development. We are settled in Jinja, Uganda and working by the NGO CooP-Africa. In our project a pilot of a vending e-tricycle will be developed and modified so it can sell products or services on the street of Jinja. 

  • SweepSmart!

    In the coming three months, we will be working with SweepSmart!, to execute a pilot that will help clean the streets of Bangalore and potentially more of India. SweepSmart is a social enterprise that aims to clean India’s streets and empower the informal waste sector by incorporating European waste management knowledge.

  • Cassava

    We are team Cassava, a team of four Industrial Design students of the TU Delft. During this project we will work with the Indonesian start-up CI Agriculture, that harnesses the power of big data technology for the farming industry. Together we want to help local farmers to anticipate on climate change in order to enhance food security.