SEP Waterpump Project

Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone |

We are Hannah, Daniel, and Hidde. We are three students who are in Sierra Leone for three months to improve water pumps and conduct market research at schools. We are doing this as part of our minor, "International Entrepreneurship and Development," at the TU Delft. We are collaborating with the company SEP-SL (Strategic Entrepreneurship Program Sierra Leone). The vision of this social enterprise is to promote entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone, focusing specifically on safe drinking water, agriculture, and the textile sector.

SEP-SL has been able to install fourteen pumps in recent years, but the water pumps in Freetown need some attention. Currently, 90% of these pumps do not function as they should. They are made by local residents without proper quality control and tools. This leads to many pumps breaking down quickly, leaving hundreds of people without acces to clean drinking water. The pumps are not well-maintained due to the high costs of both purchase and maintenance, this is one of the challenges we will be tackling.

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