Tikuna Cat's Claw

Location: Columbia |

Our project is a collaborative initiative aimed at sustainable harvesting of Cat's Claw, a medicinal plant native to the Amazon rainforest in Colombia. We have partnered with the Ticuna indigenous community in Puerto Esperanza to create a sustainable and ethical business model that not only generates income but also empowers the community and preserves their cultural heritage.

Through workshops and co-creation sessions, we will work hand in hand with the Ticuna community to develop a prototype for sustainable Cat's Claw harvesting. This project not only focuses on financial sustainability but also emphasizes cultural preservation and ecological well-being. We will prioritize ethical practices, respect for indigenous traditions, and the long-term economic prospects of the Ticuna community.

By the end of our project, we aim to leave behind a prototype where from the community of Puerto Esperanza can start a self-sustaining venture. Our project is a model of sustainable entrepreneurship, promoting prosperity for the community and the environment while fostering economic growth. Together, we are creating a future where business and ethics go hand in hand, contributing to a flourishing society and planet.


So far, we have conducted one visit to the indigenous community. During this visit, we engaged in discussions, shared our ideas, and predominantly listened to their input. We gathered valuable information relevant to the project and proceeded to work on the initial design in Medellin. Currently, we are on the verge of returning to Puerto Esperanza for a 10-day visit. During this time, we plan to discuss our design with community members, address any changes they may wish to make, and consider any additional factors they highlight. Most of the materials for the prototype will be purchased from the community, ensuring that funds circulate within their local economy. Subsequently, we will collaborate with the indigenous community to commence the construction of the prototype. Through this collaboration, we aim not only to develop a more straightforward process for medicinal plant processing but also to raise awareness about Malaria and Dengue within the community. 


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