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We are Kasper, Naomi, Floor and Thomas. In November, we are going to Sengerema, Tanzania for 3 months, for our bachelor. Floor is a third year Moleculair Science student, Naomi is a third year Psychology student, and Kasper and Thomas are third year Technology, Policy and Management students. We aim to make clean drinking water accessible to the community of Sengerema, Tanzania by providing an entrepreneurial and sustainable solution.

Sengerema is a city located in Tanzania, close to the Victoria lake, in the upper part of Tanzania. Basic health services are not always closely available for everyone. For instance, to have access to safe drinking water people have to travel a significant amount of time to collect safe water.

We are aiming to ensure a water source, that is not dependent of the governmental system. The governmental system is not reliable, as the tap water shuts off for multiple hours every night, and continuous to stay off for up to multiple days. Our plan is to use bore hole drilling techniques to ensure a continuous water flow for the students of Elabs, and the community around Elabs. We will connect the borehole to a tank, and use several water filters to ensure a high quality of safe drinking water. Afterwards, Elabs will have a sustainable source of drinking water, which is essential in the daily lives of the students.

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