SED Training System for Nurses

Location: Kenya |

Hey, I'm Josephine, 24 years old, currently working on my master's thesis in Integrated Product Design, with a focus on the medical scene. I'm developing a training system (probably involving a simulated uterus/vagina) for medical officers in Kenya. The goal? Teaching these medical officers how to administer local anesthesia for the uterus before a manual vacum aspiration — a pretty painful procedure some women face after a miscarriage. Here in the Netherlands, it's done under full anesthesia, but in Kenya, it's often without, and trust me, it's super painful. I'm aiming that with this project of the 48 out of 1000 Kenyan women going through this procedure, will eventually get it with the right performed anesthesia.



Oya ore (good morning in Luo, the language spoken here), here's an update on the nursing training system project in Kenya. The 6 weeks have flown by, and I can't believe I'm heading home already. Without this trip, I wouldn't have made such progress or delved as deep within my context. Interviews and co-creation sessions with doctors, trainers, and nurses were pivotal in tailoring the project to the specific context, and I'm immensely grateful. My final outcome includes a job aid (instruction manual), a video guide, and a demo device (simulated vagina); an experience in design (and culture) that I'll never forget!

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