Habari za asubuhi!

We are Geert, Meike, Mila, Sophie, Femke and Charlotte and we are currently in Nairobi, Kenya, doing research for a master project of the TU Delft. We consist of 4 Integrated Product Designers and 2 Strategic Product Designers. Together with Dries de Kater from Basic Water Needs, https://www.basicwaterneeds.com/; , we are developing an electric water filter for the middle-income class in urban Kenya. The aim of the project is to design an affordable water filter that provides easy access to clean, safe and reliable drinking water. Clean drinking water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges in Kenya due to rapid population growth in urban areas, poor water supply management and climate change. We therefore want to focus on a sustainable filter whose lifespan can be extended by the backwash system. This way the filter can clean itself.

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