Salamu Kutoka Kisumu!

Since Sunday evening, the Nyarobe team can be found in Kisumu, a small fishing village on Lake Victoria. We didn't sit still here either! Last Monday Sophie and Charlotte had our first focus group with no fewer than 25 Kenyans! That felt like a great gift to the project. It was a community that lived together, but at the same time this group also consisted of a SACCO. A kind of group of people who offer each other financial security. The group consisted of men and women of different ages (20-75). From this focus group we have received a lot of information about the business model that would be suitable for the low income groups, the water regulation in Kisumu and the marketing techniques used in rural areas.

Yesterday we all traveled to Homa Bay for one of the busiest days yet. 4 interviews were planned with people in between low and middle incomes. We learned that the water is regulated very differently in Homa Bay than in Kisumu or in Nairobi. They mainly use boreholes or directly Lake Victoria. A borehole is a kind of deep well that is drilled, tens and sometimes even hundreds of meters deep. A pipeline has been built here, but it has actually been dry for years due to various factors. This part is a lot poorer than Nairobi and Kisumu, so buying water bottles is very unusual. Typhoid fever, cholera and diarrhea are therefore common.

Today we take the day to digest all insights and fine-tune the interview plan for what our final interviews will mean in Kenya. A visit to Lake Victoria is also planned to see how the water is tapped here and to obtain information about how and whether this water could possibly be filtered.

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