Habari zenu wote!

Last Wednesday, we arrived in Nairobi. Everything went well with the flights and we settled in our house Kilimani. Yesterday we conducted our first interviews at location. We stopped by Brian, the local employee of Basic Water Needs company, https://www.basicwaterneeds.com/. He introduced us to several water kiosks and there we learned about the water filtration processes and what consumers think is important when it comes to buying water. A water kiosk is a small shop where you can fill your bottles or jerry cans with filtered water for a fee.

In addition to the interviews with the water kiosks, we also had an interview and a pilot afternoon at Paradise Lost, a gated community with high-income families. We took our prototype and mainly looked at how they currently filter their water indoors. This was very interesting, mainly because the mother from this view is an expert in water filtration. We found that trust plays a big role when consumers want to buy a new product.

Next week we will visit different residents, in various neighborhoods of Nairobi. Through various interviews we want to find out how we can ultimately market our product and how we can match the product as best as possible to the needs of the user.

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