Sustainable Siyakhana


In 2005 on a hectare-sized piece of land located in the middle of Bezuidenhout Park within the inner city of Johannesburg, Prof Michael Rudolph, together with colleagues and community representatives, established Siyakhana, a food garden and social entrepreneurial enterprise that has evolved into a platform for research, training and a capacity-building incubator and resource hub. Our project is to design and build a small biodigester to recycle and re-use organic waste that is created in the Siyakhana garden. With the help of this biodigester, we will give workshops in order to teach the farmers about sustainable farming and entrepreneurship, e.a. selling the produced biogas and fertilizer from the biodigester. Evans Muchesa, a PhD student from the university of Johannesburg will oversee the process of social entrepreneurship in order to ensure the continuity of the project after our departure.

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