Sustainable Siyakhana | First weeks

After the start of our project in Johannesburg, it’s time for an update! Our first day immediately began good with a tour of some urban farms in the city. The first weeks were meant for us to make contact and meet with urban farmers and experts on biogas, biodigesters and bio fertilizers. 

We also visited the Siyakhana Garden where we will be doing our project. Our contact Evans, from the garden, gave us a tour and told us about the history of the farm, what foods are planted each season and the variety of people who work at the farm. 

Furthermore, we’ve done a lot of fieldwork to prepare for the design process. This was mainly quantitative research on the amount of biowaste that is weekly accumulated, what kind of foods are predominantly thrown away but also whether electricity, water and manure are available. 

The next few weeks we will be working on the design of the digester!

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