Sustainable Siyakhana | Last update

Our last update of our project in Johannesburg! After three months of working on the digester we are (almost) done with the project. The last weeks we’ve worked hard to ensure that the continuation of the project will be smooth by handing over reports and information to PEET’s (an institute from the University of Johannesburg that works on similar projects).

The initial idea was of course that we were able to oversee construction of the digester. Unfortunately however this wasn’t possible because there was trouble with sending the digester bag from Kenya to Johannesburg, the bag was stuck at the border. 

To ensure that de digester is used properly by the farmers, we’ve created an instruction manual. In this manual the farmers can easily see how much needs to be put in the digester each day. Since last update we found that it is better to feed the digester food waste and animal manure to increase the C:N ratio instead of wood chips. (this ratio is the carbon nitrogen ratio which is essential for the efficiency of the microbes and organisms in the digester. 

All materials will be delivered this week and hopefully everything will be installed before the weekend!

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