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African Clean Energy (ACE) is a family business that focusses on ‘clean cooking’ and environmental friendly energy. At the moment, their product, the ACE-1 cookstove, is produced and sold in Lesotho and Cambodia. This stove reduces the emmission of smoke, which is better for the users and the environment. 

Because of the effective combussion the stove saves fuel and the additional heat can be used to charge the battery of the stove. Besides cooking, the stove provides the opportunity to charge mobile phones and to connect a LED light. 

ACE wants to grow and expand to countries like Uganda. Hereby it is important to look at the similarities and differences regarding the cooking habits of the different countries. We, Studio Mingo, will look into this within our Joint Master Project of the faculty of Industrial Design of the Technical University of Delft. We will specifically look into the cooking culture of Uganda and on the basis of our findings, we will suggest improvements for the stove itself and the service model. We will be working towards a prototype, which will be tested in Uganda. 

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