Mingo-ace update I

In the last update we talked about the return to Holland and the expected activities, checking the feasibility and making an improved prototype. The first one has been rather critical for the progress of the project. The concept we had developed was unfortunately not feasible. During a conversation with an expert of the faculty of Process and Energy, it appeared that the only circumstances in which the idea would maybe work is too dangerous. Especially for a consumer product for a population that is not known for treating their belongings with great care. Unfortunately, for us this disproof of concept was not very pleasant.

After the chosen concept was rejected we went back to the idea phase to generate more ideas. Before we would choose from our remaining concepts we first wanted to expand our possibilities. Maybe there was a solution that we did not see at first. Different directions were  added to our spectrum and this was presented to our different stakeholders in order to make a well argumented decision. Now, four weeks after our initial concept was rejected, a choice has been made for a new product direction. After a period of uncertainty and iteration now a time of determination and hard work has come to conclude the detailing of the concept in time. The end is near but in order to finish we have to continue detailing, documenting and of course prototyping.

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