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IWACA-TECH is about improving water use efficiency in irrigation systems using advanced remote sensing technology and ground observations. 

A sugarcane farm in Xinavane, Mozambique has varying yields in their crop fields. At times, the cause of this variation is unclear. This difference in yield is used as the focus point of this multidisciplinary project. Ultimately, the goal is to increase water productivity and find which possible hydrological causes affect the yield and might be responsible for this contrast. 


With a team of 6 students we accepted the challenge and are heading to Mozambique on the 11th of November till half January 2019. The project is divided into 6 themes: groundwater, evaporation, irrigation practices, water and soil quality, remote sensing and hydraulic infrastructure. The themes are very diverse but match the different study tracks varying from Watermanagement, Environmental Engineering and Geoscience and Remote Sensing. Combining the results of the themes should eventually result in an increase of the water productivity at the plantation.


Whilst making this a successful project we are not working alone. In cooperation with the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo several students will join us during this experience to share knowledge and cooperate with us in the field. 


With the help of Students4Sustainability this project can be realized and therefore many thanks for your support on behalf of team IWACA-TECH, Mozambique.

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